WinWin Media 定贏傳媒
Marketing Creative Team Marketing Creative Team We provide integrated total solutions to advertisers. Not only generate innovation idea but also ROI driven.
Social Networking Strategy Social Networking Strategy We help brands to run social networking based promotion. Customers can interact via mobile web page.
Targeting Online Ads Targeting Online Ads CPA online ads model, advertiser only pays for each specified action (purchase, registration, etc.)
VIPDriver : Customer Converting VIPDriver : Customer Converting VIPDriver is able to identify potential customers and re-encounter them with more effective messages.
Integrated Media Agency We help our clients to build and implement integrated media solutions.

Digital, Social, Effective
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Digital Solutions

我們協助廣告主規畫網路行銷活動, 由 Consumer Insight 到 Big Idea 的產出, 執行製作並監控 KPIs 目標的達成, 解決廣告主數位行銷難題!

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Social Networking

我們協助廣告主管理Facebook粉絲專頁, 透過觀察粉絲的行為模式, 規畫一系列有效的發文主題及互動活動, 解決廣告主網路社群行銷的所有困擾!

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Online Targeting Ads

我們提供最有效的廣告計費機制CPA, 廣告投放未達預期目標則不收取廣告費用, 提供廣告主最需要的安心保證!

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